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Beta Program 🤷‍♀️ The Beta Program for Shrugs

By purchasing the "this-is-awesome support 👍 pack" license, you gain access to the beta program on, called The license key can be purchased in the in-app store of either Shrugs or Marzipan (the store can be found in the preferences panel of the application).

Marzipan is distributed as a separate application, but it shares the accounts and data with the release version of While we try very hard to avoid any incompatible changes, due to the beta nature of Marzipan, this can lead to situations in which the local account configuration and/or local cache can get corrupted and may require a resetup.

It is recommended to not run and at the same time. While this isn't expected to result in data inconsistencies, both apps receive the same events from the Slack API and race to maintain the local caches.

Beta Program