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Integrate macOS into your Slack experience.

News: Sales currently suspended. The app has drifted to far off the Slack API and doesn't currently work anymore.


Open multiple windows

Being a native macOS citizen, is not constrained to a single window. Open as many main windows as you want. Peek into threads using popovers and detach them into windows to continue a conversation while the channel discussions keep going.

Markup images and documents

Just like in Apple's, you can use macOS Action extensions to modify documents and images prior sharing them. Whether it's the standard markup extension, or 3rd party ones like Pixelmator's repair tool, they'll work in's compose panel.

Integrate your iDevices

Draw a sketch on your iPad and directly send it to a Slack conversation using Apple's Continuity feature. Scan a document or take a picture using your iPhone.

Look Up flights and more

Select a flight number in a message and deep press it using your trackpad (or use the context menu). Thanks to's pasteboard integration, macOS "Look Up" will show all the flight information. Also works for addresses, movies and more.

Use your trackpad and swipe

Want to quickly respond to a message by either creating a new thread or by adding a reaction to it? No clicks necessary, using your trackpad or Magic Mouse, just swipe the message left or right. Swipe a little further to activate.

Compose messages

A little more content to send than the usual quick chat message? Bring up the compose sheet and start creating using the rich text editor. Takes longer to finish? Detach the sheet into its own window and continue chatting.