MAGDEBURG, GERMANY - Feb 12th, 2021 ★ ZeeZide GmbH is happy to announce the release of, a native macOS Slack client complementing the official one.

Integrate macOS into your Slack experience using

Shrugs complements the capable official Slack client by providing deep integration with the macOS system: Multiple windows, trackpad gestures, or iPhone & iPod integration using Apple’s Continuity.

With its low memory footprint, Shrugs can be used as your daily driver to connect to the award winning team collaboration service, as an effective companion to the powerful official Slack app.

Shrugs is available as a free download for testing and account setup. A per-user license is a $19.99 one-time purchase. Project supporters can purchase a $49.99 license which includes access to the beta program.

Shrugs is a product developed by ZeeZide GmbH, a software development and consulting company founded in Magdeburg, Germany in 2015.

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