The 1.0.1 bugfix update is available now. If is installed already the update will be offered on a restart, or can be requested using the “Check for Update” menu item.

Alternatively the updated version can be retrieved from the download page.

What is new?

This is primarily a bugfix release. But it also expands the ways you can test, to see whether you consider it worth your money prior buying a license.

It has been a common request to allow more than just the #general channel for testing, and this is possible with 1.0.1. The update gives access to the #general channel plus 4 more conversations (channels, direct messages, groups) of your choice. Once you’ve selected more than that, the other conversations will “gray out”.

The application now also shows a panel explaining the limitations and provides a link to the issue tracker in the application menu.


The macOS 10.14 issue where the app crashes when it is started outside of /Applications, is not yet fixed.

  • Properly stores file downloads (showed up as incorrect QuickLook’s, but was affecting other things as well).
  • Images dropped on the timeline now support the markup editor and the display size is limited to the available width (have been added at full size before).
  • Text pasted from elsewhere (e.g. Safari) didn’t get adjusted to the proper editor font.
  • Workaround a WebView issue on macOS 10.14, with a “white” page showing up during authentication.
  • Makes sure DMs are “opened” when clicked (attempt to fix issue with new DMs going away when the read marker is set)
  • “Authenticatio!” (fix Harry Potter typo in the authentication panel)

If you find any bugs or have feature requests, you are warmly welcome to file them over at the issue tracker. Alternatively send them to

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